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About Me

It's your favorite yoga instructor turned niche internet micro-celebrity; nothing you'd expect but everything you desire.

Known for playing with toys online; ranging from large tentacles to Lego building, creativity and fun spark my passion. When it comes to dates, I’m a lover of art galleries and museums, live music, ballet, theater, and fine dining. Las Vegas has amazing entertainment, ask me about recommendations here or maybe you could recommend something fun to do in your city!

Travel Schedule   

July 19 - 21   Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ

July 24- 25        Los Angeles, CA

July 25 - 27     Nashville, TN

July 31- Aug 3 Chicago, IL


Check back daily for updates! My Twitter bio always has my current location.

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Gain access to my most exclusive content including  weekly posts and live stream and you can chat with me. Edge and binge as you beg for more.

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